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CONSTRUCTION: Cast Aluminum or cast Brass 5.5″ Mushroom hat;
matching extruded aluminum or brass stanchion

LAMP OPTIONS: LED & legacy lamp options, see specification sheet

SOCKET: Single contact bayonet, brass nickel plated lamp socket screw shell (Ba15s);
double contact bayonet base (Ba15d) for 120v, both with 200°C silicone lead wires

MOUNTING: FA-03 black 9″ ABS stake, tapped 1/2″ NPS

FINISH: Aluminum – Black texture polyester powder coat (Optional finishes available)
Brass – Unfinished brass (Optional finishes available)

Black Texture (-BLT)
White Texture (-WTX)
Bronze Texture (-BRT)
Rust (-RST)
Rubbed Verde (-RBV)
Hunter Texture (-HTX)
Weathered Brown (-WBR)
Stucco (-STU)
Weathered Iron (-WIR)
Chrome Powder (-CPR)
Acid Rust (-BAR/CAR)
Brass & Copper Only
Acid Verde (-BAV/CAV)
Brass & Copper Only
Black Acid Treatment (-BAT)
Brass & Copper Only
Catalog No. Description Lamp
PL05BLT Cast Aluminum 5.5″ Mushroom 3w Omni3 Super Saver LED (L12)
PL05BRS Cast Brass 5.5″ Mushroom 3w Omni3 Super Saver LED (L12)



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