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For powering 12v LED Light Bulbs, 12v LED Modules with driver on board and 12v AC Input LED Drivers
DO NOT use to directly power Focus LED Panels (LEDP). However, can be used to power the 12v input drivers for Focus LED Panels.

IMPORTANT: If using other manufacturers LED light source, check with manufacturer for compatibility.

Output Power: 60w (no minimum load)
HW-12-60-LED Input: 120v AC-50/60Hz 0.12A
Output Voltage: 12v DC
Dimmable: Yes (ELV or Triac Dimming)
Potted: Yes
Dimensions: 2.25″ (w) x 1.25″ (h) x .75″ (d)
Input wire size: 18 AWG, 6″ length
Output wire size: 18 AWG, 6″ length
Input wires color: Black (L) White (N)
Output wires color: Red (no polarity)
Outdoor Installation: Must be installed inside NEMA Type 6 outdoor electrical enclosure
Maximum distance to LED: 10 feet
Warranty: 3 years (12 hours per day max)

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HW-12-60-LED 120v AC Input, 12v AC output LED Driver



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