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AL18CY Natural Gas/Propane Torch

CONSTRUCTION:  Stainless steel, 18 gauge (.043 thickness) outer cylinder with Plasma Cut design, brass base, cast brass pipe adapter & internal parts.
Stainless Steel interior perforated flame screen.

NATURAL GAS USAGE (AL-18-CYNG):  22,500 BTU/Hour normal inlet pressure 7″ water column

PROPANE GAS USAGE (AL-18-CYP):  17,000 BTU/Hour normal inlet pressure 11″ water column

INSTALLATION:  1” cast brass adapter has standard female NPT pipe threads for connection
to 1” steel pipe (supplied by others). Optional 3/4″ adapter available – see spec sheet for details

VALVE:  1” brass shut-off valve required (supplied by others)

IGNITION:  Manual ignition with extended lighter

FINISH:  Unfinished

Black Texture (-BLT)
White Texture (-WTX)
Bronze Texture (-BRT)
Rust (-RST)
Rubbed Verde (-RBV)
Hunter Texture (-HTX)
Weathered Brown (-WBR)
Stucco (-STU)
Weathered Iron (-WIR)
Chrome Powder (-CPR)
Acid Rust (-BAR/CAR)
Brass & Copper Only
Acid Verde (-BAV/CAV)
Brass & Copper Only
Black Acid Treatment (-BAT)
Brass & Copper Only
Catalog No. Description Lamp
AL18CY001NGSS Stainless Steel, Sandstone Design, Natural Gas Fed Torch NA
AL18CY001PSS Stainless Steel, Sandstone Design, Propane Fed Torch NA
AL18CY003NGSS Stainless Steel, Circles Design, Natural Gas Fed Torch NA
AL18CY003PSS Stainless Steel, Circles Design, Propane Fed Torch NA


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