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Above Grade MLT Series

• UL1838 and UL1598 Listed

• 900 watt output and 1,200 watt output models available

• 316 Stainless Steel enclosure (Lifetime Warranty)

• Sealed removable, lockable hinged door

• Rain Tight NEMA 3R rated

• LED indicators for instant recognition of 120 volt and 12 volt power

• Photocell Ready with quick connector

• Supplied with conduit knockouts and accessory knockouts

• Bottom panel swings down for easy access wiring

• Mounting plate and hardware supplied for easy installation

• Brushed Stainless Steel; optional polyester powder coat options available

• Long life, high temperature (130°C) Class B rated transformer core

• Copper Shielded Isolation/Insulation type – no contact between 120 volt & 12 volt windings.

• 1500 volt isolation between all windings and ground

• Electrical Grade M19 steel for superior electrical and magnetic properties

• Strip copper secondary windings for lower temperature rise.

• Single phase, open core and coil

• EL laminated windings (linear output) vacuum impregnated with black slate flour

• Filled varnish for superior heat dissipation and noise reduction. Class 180°C

• Resettable magnetic circuit breaker for overload and short circuit protection

• 120 volt primary, 12.5 volt secondary 50/60 hertz/cycle standard

• 6 foot 18/3 SJT-WA weatherproof grounded power cord with flat angle plug

• On/Off rocker switch


-MV Multi-Voltage 12.5v, 13.5v, 14.5v output (on one to 4 circuits)

-TR Timer Ready for plug in timers supplied by others

-T Mechanical Timer

-DT Digital Timer

-AT Astronomical Timer

-PC Photocell

-RPC Remote Photocell

-D Full phase/range dimmer

-R 24VAC Relay

• Limited lifetime warranty on enclosure
• 10 year warranty on mechanical/electrical components
• 3 year warranty on all timers

Black Texture (-BLT)
White Texture (-WTX)
Bronze Texture (-BRT)
Rust (-RST)
Rubbed Verde (-RBV)
Hunter Texture (-HTX)
Weathered Brown (-WBR)
Stucco (-STU)
Weathered Iron (-WIR)
Chrome Powder (-CPR)
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Catalog No. Description Circuits
MLT-312-900 Stainless Steel 900 Watt (3x300w) Transformer 3
MLT-312-900-MV1 Stainless Steel 900 Watt (3x300w) Transformer 3
MLT-312-900-MV2 Stainless Steel 900 Watt (3x300w) Transformer 3
MLT-312-900-MV3 Stainless Steel 900 Watt (3x300w) Transformer 3
MLT-412-1200 Stainless Steel 1200 Watt (4x300w) Transformer 4
MLT-412-1200-MV2 Stainless Steel 1200 Watt (4x300w) Transformer 4
MLT-412-1200-MV4 Stainless Steel 1200 Watt (4x300w) Transformer 4


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