March 28, 2017

IES Files

Focus provides IES photometric files for many of its products. To download an IES file, click the Download link..

IES File Name
LEDP 8W-R.ies Download
LEDP 8W-Q.ies Download
LEDP 5W-Q.ies Download
LEDP 4W-R.ies Download
LEDP 4W-Q.ies Download
LEDP 2W-R.ies Download
LEDP 12W-Q.ies Download
LEDM7-2800K-60.ies Download
LEDM7-2800K-40.ies Download
LEDM7-2800K-15.ies Download
LEDM15-2800K-WF.ies Download
LEDM15-2800K-60.ies Download
LEDM15-2800K-40.ies Download
LEDM15-2800K-15.ies Download
LEDM11-2800K-WF.ies Download
LEDM11-2800K-60.ies Download
LEDM11-2800K-40.ies Download
LEDM11-2800K-15.ies Download
LED PAR38.ies Download
LED PAR36 10W-60.ies Download
LED PAR36 10W-40.ies Download
LED PAR36 10W-24.ies Download
LED PAR36 10W-15.ies Download
LED PAR30.ies Download
LED PAR20.ies Download
LED OMNI-3.ies Download
LED MR16 SAVER 40.ies Download
LED MR16 ARROW 12.ies Download
Halogen MR16 FMW.ies Download
Halogen MR16 BAB.ies Download
LEDM7-2800K-WF.ies Download
LEDM11-2800K-15.ies Download
LED MR16 SAVER 15.ies Download
LED MR16 ARROW 35.ies Download