Designed for grouping multiple fixture lead wires into one weatherproof junction box for even distribution of power to up to 8 fixtures with 25F 16/2 leads.
Quick installation with easy access to connections and hassle free voltage metering.

• For use only with Multi Voltage (-MV) or High Voltage (-HV) transformers

• Requires delivery 12/2, 10/2 or 8/2 main cable into the CPC unit from the transformer.

• Each fixture lead wire (16/2) 25 feet is brought into the CPC and connects together.  Do not cut or reduce the length of 16/2 fixture wire.

• The distance from the transformer to the CPC unit and fixture load will determine the tap or voltage needed at the transformer.

• Connections are packed with 3 inches of 3M die-electric sealing tape after tightening lugs for waterproofing

• Do not to exceed 200 watts per CPC-connector. Additional connector lugs available (FA-CPC-CON)


JUNCTION BOX:  Injection molded, fiber reinforced composite

CONNECTOR: Teal high temperature thermal plastic housing with stainless steel barrel lugs and 3M dielectric sealing tape; 200 watt maximum load

FINISH:  Black box with Gray cover or Sand box and cover

Catalog No. Description
FA-CPC-GRAY CPC Junction Box, Gray
FA-CPC-SAND CPC Junction Box, Sand
FA-CPC-CON Additional Teal Conector Lug with sealing tape